Get a professional coffee machine on Loan.

Solino Coffee Services, based on the needs of every modern business, offers high quality coffee machines for your business free on loan. Our aim is to meet the specific needs of every customer providing high quality coffee from state-of-the art professional equipment.

With our individual offers, our customers have the opportunity to have a professional automatic coffee machine for espresso, cappuccino, filter coffee, hot chocolate and other beverages in their business, without having to buy the equipment. The only expense will be the coffee you use, starting from 0,15 € / cup for an espresso and from 0,09 € / for a cup of filter coffee.

The ideal coffee machine for your business.

Depending on the type of your business (office, bakery, catering, café etc.) we have the most suitable solution for you!

The wide range of professional coffee machines we offer on loan can meet the needs of all requirements:

Hotels of any capacity gain the ability to offer a wide variety of high quality coffee specialties, at high speed and low cost at the same time.

Offices and workspaces boost the productivity and satisfaction of their employees, while at the same time they offer a tasty cup of coffee to their guests.

Bakeries, restaurants and Cafés meet the need of consistently high quality beverages, ease of use, speed and low operating cost.

Any other type of business that serves coffee, like hospitals, conference rooms, cruise ships etc. benefits from the variety and quality of coffee specialties offered by our machines, while at the same time achieving significant resource savings.

Coffee solutions for every business.

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Professional coffee machines make the preparation of any coffee specialty incredibly easy! They are very easy to use: just by pressing a button for the desired coffee, hot chocolate or tea you will enjoy it fresh, in barista quality within seconds.  The quick and easy preparation of all coffee trends is a very important asset for your business.

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Offices and Workspaces

If you are looking for a way to give your staff extra energy and welcome your guests with a fresh, aromatic cup of coffee, investing in a professional coffee machine is the smartest solution. Our professional coffee machines offer a variety of high quality coffee specialties that even the most demanding palates will enjoy, only at the touch of a button. We can offer the ideal solution for your business, even if your space is very limited but you have high standards!

Χρησιδάνειο επαγγελματικής μηχανής espresso σε αρτοποιείο

Bakeries & Restaurants

Fully automatic coffee machines are an excellent solution for bakeries and restaurants that want to offer a unique coffee experience to their customers. A wide variety of high quality coffees and relevant beverages that not only are very tasty but have an attractive appearance too, can now be prepared by anyone, without the need of having a specialized barista knowledge.

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Other mass catering services

Every other type of business that has massive catering facilities such as hospitals, conference rooms, cruise ships etc. can benefit from an automatic professional coffee machine, as it gives the opportunity to offer a wide range of coffee and coffee-based drinks in a constantly high quality and at high speed, with no effort. All automatic coffee machines are very simply to use even by not specialized personnel and are also ideal for self-service. Working with an automatic coffee machine can achieve a significant saving of resources.

The WMF & SOLINO lines of professional coffee machines do everything automatically! It all takes just a touch of a button to have a delicious, freshly ground cup of coffee with excellent milk foam in a couple of seconds. Choose your favorite coffee speciality by pressing a button; immediately, the grinder grinds the coffee beans and the brewing unit performs a perfect extraction. Soon after, the machine produces professional quality milk foam. This means your favourite coffee is just a touch away! 

Commercial automatic coffee machines are extremely versatile and enable you to program and store a multitude of different specialty coffees and high-quality beverages.

They are so easy to use that they are an ideal solution for self-service.


Suitable for up to 30 cups per day. An ideal solution for small workplaces thanks to its compact design, while at the same time has a great performance, comparable to bigger size coffee machines.

Rent: 6kg of coffee/month
From 0,15€/cup

Solino Minibar fully automatic coffee machine on white background


Suitable for up to 200 cups per day. The most competitive automatic coffee machine for catering. It prepares 24 different coffee specialties and features a hot water outlet to offer fresh tea, as well as an additional powder container for chocolate.

Rent: 18kg of coffee/month.
From 0,15€/cup

WMF 950 S

Suitable for up to 80 cups per day. Compact design – easy to use. With 21 already programmed specialty coffees, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, etc. which can be modified to suit your preferences.

Rent: 18kg of coffee/month.
From 0,15€/cup

WMF 1100 S

Suitable for up to 100 cups per day, it offers a wide variety of high-quality tasting coffee specialties and chocolate drinks with a single touch.

Rent: 30kg of coffee/month
From 0,15€/cup

Solino Coffea Enjoy automatic espresso machine on white backdrop


Suitable for up to 150 cups per day. The versatile automatic coffee machine for every catering business. Solino Coffea Enjoy can prepare 24 different coffee beverages in sizes up to 480ml.

Rent: 30kg of coffee/month
From 0,15€/cup

WMF 1300 S

Suitable for up to 120 cups per day, for small and medium catering businesses that want top performance, unbeatable quality and ease of use.

Rent: 36kg of coffee/month
From 0,15€/cup

WMF 1500 S+

Suitable for up to 180 cups per day, it offers flexibility, reliability and plenty of options. With a larger 10″ touch screen and Dynamic Milk System for cold milk foam!

Rent: 42kg of coffee/month
From 0,15€/cup

WMF 1500 F

Suitable for up to 250 cups per day. An ideal filter coffee machine for large quantities of freshly ground, tasty filter coffee in a short time without compromise.

Rent: 42kg of coffee/month
From 0,09€/cup

Why choose Solino

Through our close relationship with the internationally renowned companies WMF and Franke Coffee Systems we are able to offer our customers the best fully automatic coffee machines worldwide.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Tchibo we offer you high quality coffee beans and a wide variety of teas and other beverages.

Getting a professional coffee machine on loan, we provide:

Request an Offer

Request an offer for the ideal coffee solution for your business. In just a few clicks you will receive a personalized offer for a coffee machine.

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