Fully Automatic Professional Coffee Machines

Welcome to the new era of professional coffee machines, where cutting-edge technology meets uncompromising enjoyment. Here, in the heart of coffee culture, you will find the most advanced professional automatic coffee machines that turn every sip into  a unique experience. Fully automatic coffee machines are designed to produce high quality coffee at the touch of a button. Regardless of the type of your business you can now offer to your guests great coffee within seconds.

Ideal solution for every catering business

Automatic professional coffee machines are an asset for hotels, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, offices and other businesses that offer coffee to their customers. With fully automatic coffee machines, entrepreneurs can offer high quality coffee even without having to employ staff to prepare it, as in self-service services. This means businesses can save time and money while still offering their customers great coffee.

World-renowned Baristi embrace the new generation fully automatic espresso machines

Thanks to their advanced technology, fully automatic coffee machines have started winning the trust of baristas. The technology of the grinding and brewing process in automatic coffee machines has been so advanced and the coffee so high quality that in recent years several experienced coffee speciality professionals have become brand ambassadors for manufacturers  of fully automatic coffee machines. Two of the many examples are 2023 Barista World Champion Boram Um and 2021 World Championship finalist Wojciech Teisler who became an ambassador for Franke Coffee Systems.

A more recent example is when Specialty Coffee Association opened applications for sponsorship in August 2023 for the 2024 – 27 World Latte championship. For the first time since the establishment of the institution, manufacturers of automatic coffee machines could also apply.

As seen with other automated solutions, the fully automatic coffee machines can improve the workflow, as well as the productivity. At peak times, they take over most of the barista’s duties so the barista can focus on other aspects of the job – like latte art, interaction with the customers etc. – without sacrificing quality. This is a significant improvement for the customer’s experience.


Carrying the motto “Designed for performance”, WMF’s automatic espresso & filter coffee machines (fully automatic and automatic portafilters) offer catering businesses the optimal solutions for their requirements.

Reliability made in Germany and daily production from 50 to 220 cups of coffee per day.

Why choose a professional fully automatic coffee machine over a traditional one?

Absolut Ease of Use

Automation in the coffee shop brings convenience to your daily routine. With a simple touch, you can offer excellent coffee without further effort.

Time - Saving

Automatic coffee machines can help you make coffee quickly and easily, without having to spend as much time as you would with manual brewing. Leave time – consuming procedures behind and let technology take care!

Wide variety of drinks

Automatic coffee machines can make a variety of different coffees, such as espresso, americano, cappuccino, lattes etc. In addition to espresso based beverages, you can also offer hot chocolate and tea.

Εξαιρετική Ποιότητα Καφέ

Our professional coffee machines are distinguished by precision in the preparation of an espresso. From the variety of the coffee based beverages they offer to the advanced brewing technology, quality is an integral part of the experience they offer.

Αυτόματες επαγγελματικές μηχανές espresso για κάθε επιχείρηση

Always freshly ground coffee

All professional automatic coffee machines have at least one built-in grinder. The freshness of the coffee is guaranteed as the beans are ground just before the preparation of each drink.

Coffee with your signature

Every catering business has its own personal preference. Our machines allow you to adjust the settings of the coffee preparation, from intensity to temperature, in order to offer you a result that meets exactly your preferences. Saving your personal settings guarantees consistency in coffee quality, no matter who prepares it!

WMF - Επίδειξη αυτοματων προγραμματων αυτοματης μηχανης καφε - αυτοματος καθαρισμός μηχανης

Automatic machine cleaning

The bult-in automatic cleaning programs of our coffee machines also save time in the daily cleaning procedures. All you have to do is to select the appropriate cleaning program from the display of the machine. Descaling, cleaning the machine from coffee residues, cleaning the milk system and more, are all done at the push of a button. Every cleaning program follows the strict hygiene protocols of HACCP.

Official service

As part of our cooperation, our technical department takes care of the installation, setting and service of your coffee machine. After many years of experience in the coffee business, providing high quality products from the most reliable and well known manufacturers  of the world, you can rely on us! Our trained technicians will respond in no time to take care of any technical problem.

Modular fully automatic coffee professional machines with a wide range of functions and possibilities
For catering businesses with a production of 80 – 300 cups of coffee per day.
Huge variety of drinks with a single touch and the reliability of the Swiss Quality and Engineering.

Specialized, global players – suppliers

Our suppliers are globally acknowledged for the quality and innovation of their products. Franke offers a range of machines that combine the latest technology with elegance. WMF specializes in creating acknowledged reliable coffee machines, while Jura stands out for the elegant design and the precision in the preparation of coffee specialities.

Discover the future of Coffee Making

Choose the innovative technology of professional automatic coffee machines and the important benefits they offer to your business: consistent taste quality, a wide variety of beverages and the significant reduction of operating costs. Establish your presence in the world of high quality coffee and bring your business to a new level!

Solino is here to accompany  you in this journey of success. Get the right automatic coffee machine for you and experience a new way to make your everyday life tastier than ever!

Professional fully automatic espresso machines of unique design JURA, Switzerland.
Production capacity from 10 to 200 cups of coffee per day.
Coffee specialties at the push of a button – “Always freshly ground coffee, not in a capsule”.

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