WMF 1500F – Professional Filter Coffee Machine

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Great coffee moments.
Powered by the fusion of quality and speed.

The new WMF 1500 F professional filter coffee machine stands for great coffee moments in next to no time. As bean-to-cup machine, it ensures consistently high quality wherever you need to prepare filtered coffee quickly, with reliable processes and in large quantities.

One machine, a wide range of applications.
Whether it’s in a bakery or at a conference – sometimes things need to be done quickly. Especially if you need to have a specific quantity of coffee ready at a specific time and without any compromises when it comes to coffee quality and easy handling. The WMF 1500 F fulfils all these criteria – no matter where it stands.

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The All-in-One
SO&LINO Barista coffee concept
tastes like success!

What to expect:

High tech coffee machines for leasing, suitable for any Ho.Re.Ca. business.

Freshly roasted premium coffee beans.

Immediate response and specialized service.

Continuous support to increase the profit of your business.

WMF 1500F professional fully automatic filter coffee machine with grinder
is also available with our leasing system for offices and Ho.Re.Ca. businesses,
with a minimum purchase of 42kg of coffee per month
(from 0,09€ per cup).
Learn how:

Premium quality – whenever you want it

The new WMF 1500 F is the perfect solution if you want great coffee in next to no time. Whether you want to offer coffee prepared in advance or dispense it straight into the cup: in just a few seconds, it serves your guests freshly filtered coffee. And if you prefer a different hot beverage, the separate hot water spout offers you further options.

High-performance grinders for freshness from the start

Because we know freshness is important right from the start, the machine grinds whole coffee beans. And the option of using up to two coffee grinders gives you flexibility, allowing you to offer beans of different types – beans with different aromas or decaffeinated coffee.

Pressure-brew technology for delicious coffee in record time

Once the coffee grinder has finished grinding the beans, the precisely portioned ground coffee enters the brewing chamber. During the brewing processes, water at a precisely controlled temperature flows onto the ground coffee via a distributor sieve, ensuring uniform extraction.

Flexible brewing quantities, automatic topping-up

An integrated storage urn with a capacity of four litres allows even faster dispensing. A user- friendly timer function allows you to adjust the automatic filling level of the urn to suit your individual needs. With a high-performance brewer, it is possible to prepare 0.5 to 1 litre of filtered coffee in premium quality in record time.

Maximum enjoyment with minimum effort

The automatic cleaning system guarantees perfect hygiene and cleanliness without compromises, even during peak periods. An integrated timer can be set individually to control the cleaning of all components which come into contact with the coffee.

Easy disposal of dry grounds

After a dispensing operation, the WMF 1500 F ejects the dry, used coffee grounds into the grounds container or through an opening in the counter directly into the waste container (“Grounds disposal through counter”) – easy and convenient.
WMF CoffeeConnect

WMF CoffeeConnect as a standard.

WMF CoffeeConnect provides you with the option to collect valuable machine data. Wherever you are, you can obtain an overview of your sales figures and current service information at any time. You will receive warnings which will let you know if you are running low on consumables or if maintenance is required. What’s more, thanks to the system’s bidirectional design, you can send tailored promotional offers from your desk directly to the display of a selected machine. The basic functions are available to you free of charge. WMF CoffeeConnect collects, analyses and processes data about your coffee machines, enabling you to optimise processes, reduce service costs and boost your sales.