Melitta 600

Filter Coffee

The Melitta® 600 is the perfect solution for preparing coffee in large quantities for canteens or catering. The practical modular system allows you to tailor your machine to your specific requirements..
Recommended daily output: 320 cups.

When you need a little more

Versatile and economical

The Melitta 600 makes it possible to prepare quantities of 1×8 to 2×20 liters of deliciously smelling filter coffee as needed. Storing it with the convection-heated porcelain inner container keeps your coffee warm without losing its aroma.

The key benefits
Reasons you will love the Melitta 600:

Powerful and always ready to go

When it gets tough, the Melitta® 600 is right in its element. Depending on the design, it always has up to 640 cups of fresh filter coffee ready and an integral boiler with 640 litres of hot water for tea for large groups of guests.

No compromise on taste

The Melitta® 600 is also a winner when it comes to beverage quality. The Melitta® pyramid filter ensures there is no loss of coffee aroma at all, even when resting, due to the porcelain urn.

Easy to clean

The easy-to-clean, enamelled porcelain urns with air circulation heating ensure the coffee remains at a uniform temperature.

The strengths of the Melitta 600

Top performance for an optimum coffee experience

Porcelain urn with air circulation heating

No loss of aroma, even when resting! The porcelain urn with air circulation heating ensures coffee is carefully contained – the same fresh-brewed taste for hours.

Integral timer

Be prepared! The integral timer allows the Melitta® 600 to switch on at a pre-programmed time and to start the filter program once it has heated up.

Swivelling arm with safe dispensing

Indispensable when there's a rush. The swivelling arm for dispensing large volumes takes all the hassle out of filling larger jugs or containers.

Modular system

Versatility when preparing large quantities – that's the Melitta® 600 trademark! The modular system gives you many different options, for example, one or two urns, a matching table or a serving trolley.

The Melitta 600 series

Melitta 608-1

Melitta 608-2

Melitta 620-1

Melitta 620-2

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Melitta 600 Professional Filter Coffee Machine Video


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