More than just cool: The Franke milk cooler

You can create the perfect light milk foam or warm milk for trendy coffee creations if you keep the milk fresh and at a constant cool temperature before you warm it or froth it up.

Wonderfully flexible

Our cooling units can be combined with all Franke coffee machines. They are designed to match your coffee machine perfectly and, as well as giving you delicious milk foam, are a feast for the eyes.

KE200 – The compact solution

Our 4l refrigerator is the perfect solution for small- to mid-range capacities. The cooling module is lockable and is quick and easy to clean manually.

Chill & Cup – The space-saving solution

The Chill & Cup makes the perfect duo, consisting of a lockable 5l refrigerator and a cup warmer for up to 80 cups.

Base cooler (UKE) – The space magician

Wherever there is little space available, the Franke 5l cooling module is a good choice. With the lockable refrigerator forming a base for your coffee machine, the refrigerator coffee maker can be used on counters in professional food service or convenience applications.

Under-counter milk cooler (UT 320) – The volume king

If you require greater quantities of milk, we offer this generously sized cooling unit with a capacity of 12 liters for installation in the counter, directly under the coffee machine.