Solino Minibar – Professional Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

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Fully automatic coffee machine for professional use

This professional automatic espresso machine is also available on loan to offices and Ho.Re.Ca businesses.

  • Fully automatic coffee machine for professional use
  • 24 different customizable coffee specialties
  • Automatic milk froth system
  • Coffee bean hopper 1500 gr
  • Chocolate powder hopper 1200gr
  • Ceramic grinder with grinding adjustment
  • Dual boiler system
  • Intuitive, 7’’ color touch screen
  • Automatic cleaning program
  • Dual spout and height-adjustable outlet
  • LED lighting
  • 4L water tank & fixed water supply

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Solino Minibar

The most competitive
automatic coffee machine
for all coffee businesses

Solino Minibar

The most competitive automatic coffee machine for all coffee businesses

The professional fully automatic coffee machine Solino Minibar simplifies your daily routine thanks to its easy operation. It prepares 24 different coffee specialties with or without milk at the touch of the screen. With a production capacity of 100 espressos per hour and the simultaneous preparation of 2 beverages, you will never fall behind on orders. It features a hot water spout to offer fresh tea, and an additional powder container for easily preparing chocolate drinks.

A Mini Barista that serves quickly and flawlessly!

The Solino Minibar emerges as a Mini Barista that guarantees quick and flawless service with every coffee! This professional fully automatic coffee machine, at the push of a button, offers absolute precision in preparation, ensuring a perfect result with every choice. From espresso and cappuccino to latte macchiato and hot chocolate, the Minibar makes the process enjoyable and easy, transforming any catering space into a high-level café. It is the perfect choice for catering professionals who value speed and consistent quality.

Thanks to its wide variety, unmatched drink quality, exceptional ease of use, and competitive pricing, the Solino Minibar is an excellent solution for any catering space. With this fully automatic espresso and chocolate machine, every hotel, restaurant, bakery, and company can consistently offer high-quality coffee without necessarily having specialized staff. Cafeterias can benefit from the Solino Minibar by utilizing it during peak hours and to free up their Baristas’ time to create latte art and interact more with customers.

Performance and Convenience

Χέρι ρυθμίζει ρυθμίσεις ποτού σε οθόνη μηχανής καφέ, με φλιτζάνια καφέ δίπλα.
  • High performance with 100 espresso servings per hour
  • 24 different customizable coffee specialities
  • Coffee bean hopper with a capacity of 1500gr for coffee specialties from freshly ground beans
  • Powder hopper 1200gr for milk or chocolate
  • 4L water tank and the option for connection to a fixed water supply or an external container
  • Integrated milk system optional connection to milk refrigerator
  • Quality ceramic coffee grinder
  • Intuitive 7’’ color touch screen
  • One-touch function
  • Coffee waste container for 70 servings
  • Coffee dosage adjustment
  • Coffee grind adjustment
  • Water quantity adjustment
  • Adjustable outlet spout height
  • Automatic cleaning program for the milk system, brewing unit, chocolate dispensing, and descaling
  • Energy-saving mode

Technical Data


Power / Voltage>

2900W / 220-240 V

Recommended for an average daily requirement of

200 cups

Hot milk / hot foam beverages


Coffee bean hopper

Approx. 1500 g

Powder dosing unit

Approx. 1200 g

Dimensions WxHxD

340 x 620 x 545mm

Water connection

Water Tank 4 L / Water supply line

Weight (empty)

Approx. 25,5 kg

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