Cup warmer for sublime coffee enjoyment

A cup of hot, aromatic coffee gives you the perfect start to the morning and wonderful moments of enjoyment throughout the day. Our professional electric cup warmer makes this enjoyment perfect: it pre-warms your cups for coffee or milk specialties, keeping your beverages warm for longer. This allows you enough time to serve your guests their coffees at the perfect temperature.

The high-volume wizard from the A-Line


In pre-warmed cups, coffee can fully unleash its wonderful array of aromas. With the elegant coffee mug warmer, we offer the perfect addition to your Franke automatic coffee machine.

  • Four heatable storage surfaces
  • Available in gray and black for combining with all models in the A-Line
  • Also perfect for self-service use

The space-saving solution- Chill & Cup


The Chill & Cup makes the perfect duo, consisting of a lockable 5l refrigerator and a cup warmer for up to 80 cups. Ideal for small- to mid-range capacities.

  • Combined refrigerator / cup warmer
  • Refrigerator, lockable
  • Milk cooler, 5 liter
  • Two heatable racks for up to 80 cups