Sublime coffee enjoyment at the push of a button with the practical Flavor Station

Enhance the coffee and milk beverages from your fully automatic coffee machine with up to three different syrups. At the push of a button, the syrup flows through the combined spout for coffee, milk and syrup into the cup – for virtually unlimited coffee creations.

Wonderful flavors

A variety of bottle shapes can be attached to the Franke coffee maker dispenser – alcoholic beverages as well as numerous syrup flavors. You can put together your own personalized specialties in a flash, as the Flavor Station mixes two syrup flavors automatically. And the best thing is: your counter will always stay clean and tidy.

The flavor wizard: Flavor Station

With the automatic syrup dispenser, you can enhance your beverages with up to three different flavors – easy, quick and delicious. You can also conjure up flavored milk drinks, which children simply adore.