WMF 2-Milk Solution

WMF automatic professional coffee machine with digital display, dual bean hoppers, with attached milk refrigeration unit with integrated 2-milk system solution, on a dark dotted pattern background.

More choice for your customers, with two different milk alternatives.

WMF’s 2-Milk Solution lets you offer your customers greater variety by giving you the option of connecting two different milk alternatives to the same WMF professional coffee machine. So customers can select their preferred coffee creation with their choice of regular milk or an alternative like plantbased milk or low-lactose milk. Whatever their preference, they can be sure of savouring the perfect milk or milk foam with every speciality beverage.

How WMF 2-Milk Solution works

Available on machines with the WMF Dynamic Milk system, the 2-Milk Solution makes it possible to attach two different milk alternatives to the same machine, for example adding low-fat or low-lactose milk1 to the menu, or plant-based alternatives like soya, oat or almond drinks2. Beverages using each alternative are easy to configure in the software, and the choice for the next beverage can also be changed in either Pre-Select or Post-Select mode. WMF Dynamic Milk allows the fully automatic production of four different consistencies of hot milk foam and three variations of cold milk foam, as well as hot and cold milk. The milk is heated by steam and thus resembles the traditional output from a semi-automatic machine, preserving that authentic, milky taste.

The benefits of WMF 2-Milk Solution

With two different milk alternatives on the menu, you can offer even greater variety.

Beverages can be preset with each milk type, and changed via Pre- or Post-Selection.

With the Center Cooler, the 2-Milk Solution can be connected on the left or right of the machine. It is also available for the Under-Machine Cooler, which can be integrated in / under the counter.

The integrated stainless steel pump head ensures constant dosing of solid foams.

The Dynamic Milk Assist constantly monitors milk flow and temperature, automatically adjusting to ensure consistent milk foam quality.

Clean in Place means no need to remove the foamer for HACCP-compliant cleaning. The milk tube is cleaned and flushed after every use.

Available for:
WMF 9000 S+ 3
WMF 5000 S+ 3

1 99.9% lactose-free, as cross-contamination of the milk types cannot be ruled out
2 Percentage of milk foam may vary depending on plant-based milk
3 With Dynamic Milk System


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