WMF Steam System

Close-up of a WMF espresso machine's front panel with a steam wand and metal drip tray, set against a dark background.

Our integrated steam systems add another dimension to your WMF professional coffee machine, allowing you to offer as wide a variety of beverages as possible. Whether the people using your machine are absolute beginners or aspiring baristas, they’ll find an advanced but easy-to-use steam system that matches their needs on every WMF machine. You can use it to heat beverages like mulled wine, and to froth milk to perfection, for example when you want to create latte art or froth milk from an external source. Simply choose the system that best matches your business needs, and you’ll be ready to satisfy your customers’ beverage desires.

Stylized red graphic of a hand holding a steaming pitcher, above the text "BASIC STEAM"

Basic Steam for beginners

This system can be used to quickly and easily warm a variety of beverages from hot chocolate to mulled wine, and to heat and froth milk manually if requested by your customer.
This steamer version is available for WMF 1500 S.

Stylized red graphic of a hand holding a steaming pitcher with a power symbol and Wi-Fi signal, above the text "EASY STEAM"

Easy Steam with temperature sensor

Designed to prepare hot beverages or to manually froth milk from an external source, this system features a semi-automatic steam wand that switches off on reaching the prescribed temperature, making traditional milk frothing much easier.
Easy Steam is available for WMF 5000 S and WMF 8000 S.

Stylized red graphic of a hand holding a steaming pitcher with a power symbol and Wi-Fi signal, above the text "AUTO STEAM"

Auto Steam for barista-like artistic milk frothing

The separate steam wand of the Auto Steam system allows users to customize milk foam density for each individual coffee creation, and produces three different types of milk foam completely automatically at the side. The system also makes it simple to heat milk and prepare a variety of hot beverages.
Available for WMF espresso, WMF 5000 S and WMF 8000 S.

Three grades of milk froth

glasses of latte macchiato with thick foam layers and labeled bands around the center.


This is a volume milk froth for extra large quantities and layered drinks. It is excellent for making latte macchiatos!

A close-up of a cappuccino in a white cup showing the frothy milk on top


This milk froth is always the right choice for a cappuccino.

Stainless steel milk pitcher filled with frothy milk, with steam wands from an espresso machine above it.


You can make difficult latte-type creations with this thick, creamy milk froth.

The WMF milk systems Basic Milk, Easy Milk, Smart Milk and Dynamic Milk are the perfect complementary partners for the steam systems, providing a user-friendly, practical way of making a huge range of beverages.

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