WMF Cleaning granulate


Cleaning granulate for WMF professional automatic filter coffee machines – F series.

2.800 pills / 1kg

Compatible with models:

  • 1500 F
  • 9000 F (Internal / External Storage)
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Automatic coffee machines and especially those with a built-in coffee grinder must be cleaned internally using the special cleaning tablets. To clean the coffee machine, insert a cleaning tablet into the intended slot, i.e. the slot for ground coffee.

Regular deep cleaning of the machine is necessary because the coffee beans contain oils, which settle inside the coffee machine and solidify over time, if the machine is not cleaned. Thus, the coffee acquires an unpleasant taste and becomes very unhealthy.

Product characteristics
For the perfect cleaning of the WMF automatic coffee machine, cleaning tablets are the ideal solution. They effectively remove all coffee residues and oils that remain inside the machine. WMF cleaning tablets are made of soft materials, without causing damage to their interior.