WMF Aqua Basic M Water Filter Cartridge


Reduce the general hardness of the drinking water. Protect coffee and espresso machines from detrimental scale deposits. Improve the aroma of beverages by removing off-flavours such as chlorine. Filter particles from the water.

WMF AquaBasic
Filter cartridge M

Filter capacity
up to approx. 4,500 litres (at 10° dkH)
Diameter: 130 mm
Height: 475 mm

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The new WMF water filter system.

Benefit from optimal conditions for perfect coffee indulgence right from the start with the new WMF water filter system. We individually put together the system comprising the Aquahead filter head, the connection set and the WMF filter cartridges according to your local water quality. When you order your coffee machine, we directly determine the right filter cartridge size. The appropriate connection set is then supplied by us together with the coffee machine. Our WMF service technicians take care of the rest upon installation of the coffee machine.

The WMF water filter solution offers you:

  • Professional analysis of your water quality and selection of the optimal WMF water filter by a trained WMF service technician
  • 5-fold water filtration
  • Highly efficient limescale protection
  • Filtration of bypass water
  • Service from a single source when it comes to maintenance and filter changing