Melitta Cafina XT180 TWC Professional Filter Coffee Machine + 5kg Eduscho Professional Cafe Forte

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Professional Filter Coffee Machine

For Thermos jugs,
With 5kg of Eduscho Professional Cafe Forte
With fixed water connection,
Thermos jug not included
Hourly output (depending on vessel size): 125 cups

Χαμηλό απόθεμα



Clear indications - No chance for limescale

If the indicator lights up red, too much limescale has accumulated. Fill in the descaling solution and press the red indicator – the descaling program starts.

This is how it’s fun to use: The robust touch display made of high-strength polycarbonate combines all functions – easy to understand with illuminated symbols.

How strong should your coffee taste?
The strength can be varied with the patented AromaSelektor® . It changes the flow of the water and thus its contact time with the ground coffee.

Coffee machine series for small and medium-sized needs.
Refined aluminum side walls (anodized and shot blasted), robust touch display made of polycarbonate.
With fixed water connection. Store in heat-resistant glass jugs or insulated jugs.
The hourly output depends on the product and the size of the vessel.

OutputFilter coffee
Dimensions230mm x 420mm x 635mm (WxDxH)
Hourly output
(depending on vessel size)
Connection value200-240V / 1.36 – 1.96 kW

Eduscho Professional Cafe Forte

Eduscho Professionale Cafe Forte αλεσμένος καφές φίλτρου

When it comes to enjoying the perfect coffee, Eduscho Professionale Cafe Forte stands out with its rich and refined character. We are proud to present this exceptional coffee variety that combines select origin and expertise to offer a unique taste experience for demanding coffee lovers.

The Art of Cultivation
Eduscho Professionale Cafe Forte comes from the most select coffee plantations around the world. Our growers carefully select the best coffee plants and ensure their healthy growth. Every stage of cultivation is a process carried out with passion and dedication, aiming to ensure the highest quality and flavor.

The Perfect Brew
The quality of coffee starts from the selection of beans and reaches the perfect brewing. Eduscho Professionale Cafe Forte offers a balanced brew that brings out the rich aromatic notes and a plethora of flavors. Every cup is a creative coexistence of flavors that satisfies even the most demanding critics.

The Art of Grounding
Eduscho Professionale Cafe Forte is available in ground form, offering convenience and ease in your preparation. Our experts grind the beans with passion, preserving the freshness and flavor intact. This ensures that every cup you enjoy offers the maximum possible pleasure and aromatic experience.

Discover the Wonderful Taste
If you are among those seeking the ultimate taste experience, Eduscho Professionale Cafe Forte is the perfect choice for you. The rich taste, aromatic notes, and balanced acidity create a coffee that stands out.

Composition: 100% roasted coffee
Product description: Roasted and ground coffee
Preparation: with a filter coffee machine