Melitta Glass Jug 1,8L


Glass Jug for Melitta Professional Filter Coffee Machines

Melitta® glass jug 1,8L
Ka-G M 180, suitable for normal professional 1,8L filter coffee machines

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Melitta Glass Jug 1,8L Ka-G M-180

Melitta Glass Jug 1,8L empty, on white background

Designed to endure the demands of frequent use, the Melitta glass jug complements commercial coffee machines perfectly. It features a broad opening for secure positioning and effortless pouring, while its convenient aroma-preserving lid ensures a tight seal. The robust Melitta glass pot has a generous 1.8-liter capacity, yielding approximately 14 cups of coffee. Designed specifically for commercial coffee machines. Compatible machines for this durable glass teapot are readily available in our selection.

Capacity: 1.8 L/Approx. 14 Cup
Height 165 mm
Width: 210 mm including handle
Top: 120 mm
Lower Diameter: 160 mm