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The payment system with radio transmitter provides wireless communication with your coffee machine. Whether you accept payment via coin checker or a cashless VPOS accounting system kit from NAYAX*, the Smart Payment Box can be easily adapted to your needs thanks to the integrated MDB interface. To take advantage of the full range of benefits you will also need the Smart Connect transmitter, art. 72167. Prices and products are managed in the software which is supplied as standard.

*Not supplied as standard

Supplied as standard

  • Housing, front panel fitted for NRI (with integrated MDB interface unit)
  • Front panel for Nayax
  • 2 keys
  • Coin box
  • Adapter
  • Mains cable with plug
  • RS232 cable
  • Transmitter with RS232 connecting cable
  • USB cable
  • Blind cover
  • Smart Payment Box PC software
  • Instructions for use


  • GIGA X9c Professional
  • GIGA X8c Professional
  • GIGA X8 Professional
  • GIGA X7c Professional
  • GIGA X7 Professional
  • GIGA X3c Professional
  • GIGA X3 Professional
  • X8
  • X6
  • WE8*
  • WE6*

*Not compatible with payment systems with credit card function such as NAYAX

Non-payment mode

A switch inside the Smart Payment Box makes it easy to switch to ‘non-payment mode’.

Theft protection

The Smart Payment Box is also an effective solution when installed in a public space. The Smart Payment Box is lockable* which protects it optimally against theft.

*not supplied as standard.


Accounting has never been so simple and flexible. Designed in line with JURA’s characteristic look, it looks elegant beside any professional JURA coffee machine.


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