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JURA Pocket Pilot

JURA Pocket Pilot

Contactless operation of JURA coffee machines from your smartphone

Thanks to JURA Pocket Pilot, you can now enjoy JURA speciality coffees the contactless way. All you need is a smartphone – there’s no need to download an app. JURA Pocket Pilot is the ideal, innovative solution for hygienic coffee preparation at work, in self-service areas and wherever JURA coffee machines are used.

It offers a safe way for your colleagues, guests and visitors to enjoy a coffee break. It’s easy to implement, intuitive to use and completely free.

JURA Pocket Pilot is compatible with all existing professional coffee machines fitted with Smart Connect. These machines can easily be assigned a QR code, allowing them to be immediately operated remotely from a smartphone.

Technical requirements:

iOS 14.3 or newer
QR code scanner app for Android operating systems
Internet connection

How JURA Pocket Pilot works

To use JURA Pocket Pilot, all you have to do is download the appropriate QR code and make it available beside the machine. When the user scans the QR code with a smartphone, the web-based application automatically opens and guides them through the coffee-making process in a few simple steps. The machine takes care of the rest. Enjoy!

JURA Pocket Pilot
JURA Pocket Pilot

The simple and hygienic way to enjoy coffee

Operating the coffee machine from your smartphone minimises the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses such as the novel coronavirus. This makes JURA Pocket Pilot a free, simple and practical way to make coffee breaks COVID-safe.

Intuitive operation

In the web-based application behind JURA Pocket Pilot, the user can order their favourite coffee in a few self-explanatory steps. JURA Pocket Pilot guides them step by step through the process.

JURA Pocket Pilot
JURA Pocket Pilot

From the first coffee

JURA Pocket Pilot is designed not to need an installed app, instead using an innovative web-based app to operate the coffee machine. This makes it very convenient for one-off coffee preparation, for example in self-service areas. If a guest decides that they would like a cup of coffee, there is no need to register or download an app. So from the very first coffee preparation with JURA Pocket Pilot, all you have to do is scan and enjoy!

Compatible with all existing coffee machines

Easy to set up, JURA Pocket Pilot is also compatible with all existing coffee machines with Smart Connect, so there is no need for additional purchases or complicated upgrades. All that is required to use JURA Pocket Pilot is the appropriate free-to-download QR code, which is printed out and set up beside the machine by following the folding instructions. Alternatively, you can order the printed stickers from your local sales partner. Newly purchased Professional machines with Smart Connect are supplied with the appropriate stickers for JURA Pocket Pilot.

JURA Pocket Pilot




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