Jura ONO EA 15505


Aμέσα διαθέσιμο




ONO. Perfect coffee. Not encapsulated.

The perfect one-cup machine for everyone who loves coffee, values high quality and cares about the environment.
The ONO is more than a coffee machine: it offers you truly unique moments of coffee enjoyment.

As an innovative and so far only coffee machine of this kind, the ONO is a real statement piece and offers you truly unique moments of pleasure.
Discover the ONO and become your own barista in no time.

A cup, not a capsule

Choose the types of coffee you want according to your taste, remain completely independent and help to reduce waste in the long term.

Conscious barista moments

Celebrate coffee preparation with the ONO by creating a conscious barista moment when operating with crank and lever. This makes the preparation a pleasure.

Perfect coffee

Enjoy consistently first-class coffee and espresso quality with the type of coffee you choose, always with the intensity you want – cup for cup.

Not encapsulated

By using freshly ground coffee powder, you are free to choose the type of coffee, cup by cup. This means you remain completely independent, can discover completely new worlds of taste, create your own blends and, for example, support specific Fairtrade coffee plantations or local roasters. With no capsules or pods, there is no unnecessary packaging waste when preparing coffee with the ONO. The coffee grounds are a purely natural product that is ideal for composting or as a plant fertilizer.

Your barista moment

Experience the sheer pleasure of exquisite coffee with all your senses as you prepare it: the scent of freshly ground coffee, the sensitive operation using the crank and lever, the sound of the extraction, the unique taste of first-class coffee, the unusual design of this innovative coffee machine. Create a conscious barista moment with every brew that celebrates coffee and expresses the highest appreciation for perfect taste.

Perfect coffee

First-class coffee with every preparation: Equipped with the latest brewing technology from JURA, the ONO offers consistently top coffee and espresso quality. You can choose the intensity for each preparation individually and even change the type of coffee cup by cup, depending on your preference. Ideal for everyone who wants to indulge in very conscious coffee moments and would like to taste different types of coffee. The ONO focuses entirely on black coffee specialties: espresso and black coffee in perfection.

Recommended Accessories (Optional)

Ground coffee is used with the ONO. The ideal accessory is therefore the new premium coffee grinder P.A.G., which has seven adjustable grind settings.