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Central monitoring for Professional coffee machines

With the JURA Data Communicator, you can monitor any number of coffee machines in different locations. All are linked to a single website that keeps track of product counter readings and the maintenance status of each machine. There’s no need to read out the information from each individual machine as before, because all you need to do is quickly and conveniently log in – from any machine in the Professional range, any time, anywhere. Once installed, the innovative Data Communicator sends up-to-date daily reports. The website shows all the information you need at a glance, on your computer or tablet. Individual accounting statements are generated and sent out automatically and you can easily keep on top of alerts for filter change or cleaning. All data transmitted from any automatic coffee machine connected to the server can be viewed at any time on the website.

Supplied as standard

  • Data Communicator
  • USB cable
  • Mains adapter (country-specific versions)

Compatible automatic coffee machines:

  • GIGA X8cG2 / X8G2
  • GIGA X3cG2 / X3G2
  • GIGA X9c / X9 Professional
  • GIGA X8c / X8 Professional
  • GIGA X7c / X7 Professional
  • GIGA X3c / X3 Professional
  • GIGA W3
  • X10
  • X8
  • X6
  • WE8
  • WE6

One website – all information

For each Professional coffee machine you simply define when the data is read out and to which target address it is sent. Then you can access all the information on the connected coffee machines from one central website. After the initial installation, you can conveniently manage, group and monitor all the Data Communicators in use online. You can also create different user profiles and authorisation levels for quick and easy coordination. The additional option of sending data automatically to e-mail or server addresses makes handling even easier.

Here’s how it works

Your Professional coffee machine is connected wirelessly to the Data Communicator via the Smart Connect, without the connection to other accessories being impaired. One Data Communicator is required for each automatic coffee machine. Once a day, the Data Communicator reads all product counter statuses as well as the machine maintenance status and sends this data via WiFi to a server. The user specifies at exactly what time this happens. The website accesses the data sent by the router and clearly displays all the coffee machine data.

For the configuration with an automatic coffee machine you will need:

  • A Windows PC or laptop
  • An Internet connection over a secure WLAN (single-factor authentication with network name and password)
  • At least one free USB port
  • Local administrator rights for installing programs
  • Google Authenticator app (free download from the Google Play Store or the App Store)
  • An automatic coffee machine that is switched on with JURA Smart Connect connected

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