GRAEF Slicer SlicedKitchen S10002


  • inkl. Jubiläumsgeschenk: MiniSlice Aufsatz
  • Metal machine with non-slip base
  • Extremely compact design, only a small surface area
  • 45 – 170 Watt Eco Power Motion Motor
  • Stainless steel serrated knife ideal for bread, sausage or cheese
  • Blade covering plate for perfect slicing results
  • Stable and smooth-running slide with child safety lock
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GRAEF ES401 Espresso machine salita White


Thanks to their compact design, the products find space even in the smallest kitchens. The functions are simple and the appliances are suitable for beginners.

MiniSlice Attachment

Big anniversary promotion for the 100th birthday – the MiniSlice attachment free of charge with this universal slicer. With this popular accessory, even the smallest of foods such as radishes, cherry tomatoes or even cucumbers can be sliced completely into wafer-thin slices.

Ø 170 mm serrated blade made out of stainless steel made in Germany

The slicer comes standard with a Ø 170 mm serrated blade made of stainless steel. With this knife, you can effortlessly cut through breads of all kinds (even with hard crusts), harder cheeses, many vegetables, and cold cuts.

Child-proof through carriage ascertainment

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