GRAEF Slicer Classic C20


  • inkl. Jubiläumsgeschenk: MiniSlice Aufsatz
  • Solid-metal version
  • Multi-purpose slicing machine
  • High-performance, whisper-quiet motor
  • Carriage switch with quick-action and continuous operation switch
  • Serrated stainless steel blade, ideal for bread, cold cuts or cheese
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Μη διαθέσιμο

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Classic C15


Suitable for large and small families. Childproof, easy to use and time-saving.

MiniSlice Attachment

Big anniversary promotion for the 100th birthday – the MiniSlice attachment free of charge with this universal slicer. With this popular accessory, even the smallest of foods such as radishes, cherry tomatoes or even cucumbers can be sliced completely into wafer-thin slices.

Ø 170 mm serrated blade made out of stainless steel made in Germany

Classic C20

Permanent switch

By using the continuous operation switch you can also cut larger quantities.

Classic C20
Classic C20

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