Franke A300 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

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Basic model:
A300 MS EC 1G H1 W3

This professional automatic coffee machine with grinder is also available with our leasing system for offices and Ho.Re.Ca. businesses.

– Fully automatic with pre-infusion
– Individually configurable and removable brewing unit
– Up to two bean hoppers with separate precision ceramic grinder and direct grinding
– Up to two powder dosing units for milk and/or chocolate powder
– 8-inch touch display with intuitive operating modes
– New heating element system for hot water
– EasyClean (EC) automatic cleaning system for milk (manual addition of cleaner)
– Fully automatic descaling system
– Front in Black Line, casing in black
– Basic model with one grinder, hot water spout, W3 internal water tank

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Small in size, big in taste.

Franke A300 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine product shot

Space should never get in the way of a good cup of coffee. Our award-winning Franke A300 coffee machine has been specially designed for limited spaces while still delivering high-quality, cup after cup. Featuring our EasyClean system and an intuitive display, this stylish machine is ideal for your small restaurant, bakery or office.

Key Features

Effortless to use

With its 8-inch intuitive touchscreen and step-by-step guidance, the A300 makes it easy to brew espresso and countless other barista-standard drinks. Plug in and drink, that's all.

Hassle-free cleaning

Our automatic EasyClean system makes cleaning and descaling quick and efficient.

Barista foam quality

Our revolutionary FoamMaster™ technology offers customers an unlimited choice of foam consistencies for perfect milk foam on the go.

Premium coffee experience

Our A300 commercial coffee machine offers a significant variety of coffee beverages to satisfy a broad range of tastes, even for the most selective customers.

Open up a world of taste and flavor

Franke A300 fully automatic coffee machine preparing a cup of cappuccino
Two women enjoying their coffee break at work, with a Franke A300 fully automatic coffee machine on the background

Espressos, cappuccinos and americanos are just the beginning. With over 100 specialities with or without foam, our A300 is ready to serve your customers their perfect coffee moment.

Franke A300 - HoReCa Hero

Supported add-ons and options

Tailor your machine to your specific needs with our built-in options or expand your coffee machine configurations with our add-on solutions.

Technical Data

  • Precision grinder with durable ceramic grinding disks
  • FoamMaster™ for milk foam the way a barista would make it – unique in this machine size
  • Interactive 8” touch screen for an intuitive and efficient beverage selection
  • Patented heating cartridge system to set different temperature levels per beverage (coffee, tea or powder
  • Patented, integrated and fully automatic descaling system guarantees best in-cup quality
  • Purpose-designed cooling unit SU03 keeps the footprint compact and the functionality high
  • Optional integrated accounting system optimizes the A300 footprint and boosts business


Voltage / Power

220–240 V 1LNPE 50/60 Hz 2.1–2.3 kW (10 A)
110-127V 1LNPE 60Hz 1.2-1.5 kW (15A)
100V 1LNPE 50/60 Hz 1.4 kW (15A)
220V 1LNPE 2.1 kW (10A)

Recommended for an average daily requirement of

20-100 cups

Cups per hour according to DIN 18873 (Power: 220-240V)

Espresso / 2x espresso: 124 / 263,
Cappuccino / 2x cappuccino: 92 / 131

Hot milk / hot foam beverages


Hot water output / per hour

96 cups

Coffee bean hopper

Approx. 500 g

Dimensions with water tank (width/ height/ depth)

340 mm / 465 mm / 587 mm

Water connection

4,8Lit Tank/ Water supply line

Weight (empty)

Approx 25 kg