• Many coffee varieties possible
  • Quick and easy
  • User-friendly in every sense
  • Energy efficient
  • Reliable technology
  • Durable construction
  • Design for every environment
  • Suitable for cups
  • Canisters: 3
  • Mixers: 2

Χαμηλό απόθεμα

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Life comes in many flavors.

Animo’s OptiVend is an instant machine for fresh, hot coffee any moment of the day.

Just choose your favorite drink and a steaming cup is ready in seconds at the touch of a button. The OptiVend is powerful inside and beautiful outside.

The OptiVend is very suitable for use in for instance schools, nursing homes, sports clubs, breakfast venues, offices, and much more!



How do you prefer to start the day: a long cappuccino or a short, strong espresso? Tastes differ when it comes to coffee. And variety makes life richer.

With OptiVend, you can choose exactly what you feel like, any moment of the day.

  • OptiVend accommodates from 1 to 6 instant ingredient canisters
  • More canisters mean more choice
  • Separate tap for hot water, so tea always tastes like it should
  • See your choice clearly displayed


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