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To go beyond the ordinary and exceed expectations, it’s time to welcome a new product category for professional coffee machines that produce consistent, barista-grade coffee, beautifully designed to complement your unique space. Mytico, the first product line, is a game-changing coffee machine that combines impeccable Italian design on the outside and Franke’s Swiss quality on the inside. A coffee solution to unlock even more potential for your business.

The Beauty of Coffee Redefined

Experience the perfect fusion of traditional artisan craftsmanship and modern automation with our new coffee machine. Crafted with a passion for coffee, this Swiss made and Italian designed coffee machine merges the best of both worlds to bring you an unparalleled coffee-making experience. With its sleek design and state-of-the-art technology, you can enjoy a perfectly prepared cup of coffee every time. Get ready to elevate your coffee game with Mytico!
Franke Coffee Systems mytico

Where performance meets design

Why details matte

The new Mytico line brings excellence to life in every detail. Based on a traditional coffee machine, Mytico captures exquisite Italian design in a fully automatic machine with the distinctive shape of the machine, the outstanding spout, elegant levers and feet. The low machine height gives a sleek modern look and enhances the barista-customer experience
Franke Coffee Systems mytico

Elegance and technology realized

High performance technology

The new Mytico has all the groundbreaking Franke Coffee Technologies that characterize our coffee machines, such as iQFlow™ for consistent in-cup quality every time, individual brew temperature settings, our automated cleaning systems, EasyClean and CleanMaster, and the user-friendly touch screens to help you increase productivity.

Ideal height

The low machine height improves communication between barista and customer, enhancing the coffee experience.

Your machine. Your colors

With Mytico, you can choose a Franke color for the side panels to complement the space and make it uniquely yours.

Cleaning made easy

The fully automatic cleaning technologies ensures strict hygiene standards are upheld, while you can focus on what really matters.

Franke Coffee Systems mytico

Mytico Due

Design and functionality elevated

Mytico Due enhances the customer’s coffee experience by prioritizing barista-quality service and offers modern design to compliment any space. Its automated operations and intuitive design, coupled with a low machine height, enable baristas to easily engage with customers and focus on creating memorable moments. Mytico Due celebrates the craft of coffee-making, enabling baristas to express their creativity and deliver exceptional experiences.

Mytico Vario

Innovation and intelligence elevated

Mytico Vario is a modern coffee machine that adds elegance to any space. It offers individual configuration and automated operations to reduce milk waste and enable two people to work simultaneously with minimal training. Baristas can create a wide range of signature beverages due to its variability. Mytico Vario prioritizes ease of use, providing a consistent, efficient, and versatile coffee-making experience.
Franke Coffee Systems mytico

Supported add-ons and options

Tailor your machine to your specific needs with our built-in options or expand your commercial coffee machine configurations with our add-on solutions.

Franke Coffee Systems mytico

Cleaning Information

Learn more about our Franke cleaning products and discover our video tutorials on how to clean your coffee machine.

Franke Coffee Systems mytico

Digital Services

Learn about our digital services.

Franke Coffee Systems mytico


Craft the perfect coffee bean with our intelligent coffee extraction technology.


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Professional fully automatic coffee machines

Our modular solutions enable you to choose a machine perfectly suited to you and your changing needs – optimized and adaptable according to size, performance, operation and beverage choice.

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A line: product overview

Our A line of fully automatic coffee machines represent our DNA perfectly: performance and reliability. It features modular coffee machines that can be configured individually to produce your desired high-quality beverages.

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