Meat grinder by GRAEF

Much more than a meat grinder

Healthy smoothies, quick vegetable processing or creamy mashed potatoes – the GRAEF Multiwolf is much more to than a meat grinder that prepares the meat for the next DIY burger patty. Because regardless of whether you are a flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan: the compact, 400 watt multi-talent with extensive accessories offers countless options for every food preference – from delicious mushroom farce and shortbread biscuits to homemade pasta with fresh fish cakes. The Multiwolf with its high-quality aluminum housing not only cuts a fine figure in terms of quality, but also in terms of sustainability and healthy nutrition. Because thanks to the all-rounder, (hobby) chefs always know exactly what is in the sausage or in the spread. And by the way, even less food waste is produced – a win-win situation for the wallet, the environment and the enjoyment.

GRAEF FW500 kreatomichani

Culinary variety from the Multiwolf

Questioning your own habitsgetting creative and finding new paths for proven solutions  this GRAEF philosophy is now finding its way into kitchens of all sizes with the MultiwolfThe kitchen helper can not only be integrated into any household in a particularly space-saving way, but thanks to its three perforated discsthe sausage filling funnel as well as the kebbe and the shortbread attachmentthere are no limits to the imaginationDelicious chickpea Falafel or juicy tofsausages  the ingredients for the vegan or vegetarian dishes are simply minced by the Multiwolf and convince even the committed meat loverBut the GRAEF kitchen helper of course also supports the next barbecue eveningWhether pork, beefduck or game – the Multiwolf processes even thick steaks into delicious meatballs or sausages with a blocking power of up to 2,500 watts and at two speed levels. And if something gets stuck in the elegant aluminum housing, the overload protection lights up on the digital display and the reverse run solves the problem.

Less waste – more enjoyment

Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and materials, the Multiwolf is a long-lasting addition to the kitchen and at the same time ensures more sustainability. Germans produce about 75 kg of food waste per capita per year33 kg would be avoidable if more carefully planned and purchased. With the GRAEF Multiwolf, food leftovers can be processed optimally and do not end up in the bin.

Leftover fruit and vegetables can be turned into healthy smoothies or delicious spreads. The intelligent conveying system leaves hardly any residues. These can be removed with little effort, as the aluminum screw and the aluminum filling tray of the machine can be easily removed and cleaned.

GRAEF FW500 kreatomichani
GRAEF FW500 kreatomichani