S700 – Innovation becomes an invitation

«Technology has created so many new opportunities and has boosted the potential of the coffee business. But coffee-making has always been and will continue to be a human art.»

Wonderful Variety for baristas

Do you want to create your next moment together?

An Ambitious Approach

The S700 marries the best of two coffee worlds: The intelligent technology of our fully automatic A-Line combined with the creative capacity of a 2-step-machine. We call it a semi automatic.
New S-Line – S700:

  • iQFlow™: intelligent coffee extraction for exceptional taste profiling and absolute product consistency
  • Cutting-edge performance: up to 160 espressos per hour
  • 3-boiler system for endless steam performance
  • 8” touch screen and intuitive UI

Game-Changing iQFlow™

Up to now, professionals have relied mainly on the fineness of the grind to control the extraction quality. With iQFlow™, we have developed an intelligent technology that gives you access to a whole new level of flavor extraction and product consistency.

  • Get more flavor out of the beans
  • Define your individual taste profiles
  • Ensure product consistency in every cup, every day, at every location

Iced Coffee Module: Increase choice and expand opportunities

Franke’s new Iced Coffee Module expands the range of high in-cup quality beverages for seasonal offerings with deliciously refreshing, freshly brewed iced coffee. Served on its own or combined with milk, milk foam or syrups, your customers will enjoy the full flavor taste of freshly brewed, actively cooled down coffee. That’s coffee competence at its very best!

  • Top quality beverage variety: The coffee is brewed hot and actively cooled down after the brewing process before it flows into the cup.
  • Modularity and flexibility: The Iced Coffee Module (IC) is available as an option for the A600-A1000 and S700 as well as SB1200 coffee machines. The Iced Coffee Module (IC) cannot be retrofitted.
  • Top hygiene and fully automatic cleaning: The Iced Coffee Module (IC) is automatically cleaned with the existing coffee machine cleaning process.

Wonderful Latte Art

Preparing a unique cup of coffee has always been an art that requires all of our creativity and passion. With the S700 our engineers have just one goal: To create the most intuitive workspace that enables professionals to unleash their full creative potential.

  • A steam spout engineered for professionals
  • 3-boiler system for endless steam and foam
  • With Autosteam or Autosteam Pro

An Unrivaled User Experience

The S700 enables professionals to create the ultimate coffee adventure through a UI experience covering all your multitasking requirements. The intuitive touch display enables them to optimize their working process, their productivity, and the quality of their coffee creations. Use your workflow to turn your customer’s every coffee moment into a truly unique experience.

  • Touch it and it will serve you
  • Touch it and it will lead you
  • Use it to interact with your staff

Digital Services – Take control of your coffee

Raise coffee quality. Improve profits. Enhance experience. Connect your fleet with Franke Digital Services and take control of your coffee business.

Your Success

What does it take to successfully create memorable, daily experiences in the challenging coffee business? Staff with professional attitude and exceptional motivation, of course, plus the S700 with its innovative and ground-breaking technology.

  • Two grinders for more bean variety
  • Best-in-class performance: up to 160 espressos per hour
  • More space: The S700 is only 340 millimeters wide
  • More smiles from customers: iQFlow™ guarantees premium in-cup-quality
  • More smiles from your staff: The S700 allows your team to focus solely on the customer and create a unique brand experience
  • More profitability: Intelligent technology reduces unproductive time spent operating the machine

Intelligent Design

The S700 can be combined with a convenient cup warmer that holds and warms approx. 120 cups. The cup warmer is available in the same modern design as the coffee machine.