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Introducing the breakthrough innovation that increases beverage choices. With our new, game-changing and versatile Specialty Beverage Station, it’s all about the moment when leading technology helps you take customer satisfaction to a whole new level. Unique to Franke, our Specialty Beverage Station offers maximum choice and modularity, fitting into any customer environment. Featuring a variety of beverages – from espresso-based beverages to iced coffee, cold brew and flavored drinks – it’s an opportunity to exceed customer expectations and boost your business.

Experience our new SB1200 watching the video below

Modularity that offers you complete freedom

The SB1200 benefits from its highly versatile modular system and flexibility, combined with tried-and-true components and unique innovations from Franke. The SB1200 is a long-term, secure investment. The combination of media pump modules increases modularity for any requirements. This allows you to offer seasonal beverages and have increased capacity for your most popular drinks – all tailored to your business.

Thanks to the SB1200 you can serve cold brew at a whole new level

The cold brew media module now rounds off the range of new cold beverages. The patented cold brew system does not require any nitrogen in order to prepare a variety of cold brew coffee beverages, such as cream “on top” or a cascade effect. Cold brew coffee can be served as a cold brew or mixed and served with milk, milk foam and/or syrup. Expand your beverage varieties and offer your customers even more choices.

Optimum hygiene and fully automatic cleaning

The tried-and-true, fully automatic CleanMaster cleaning system is not just safer and more hygienic – it also makes daily work significantly easier for all units, including the single spout, which no longer needs to be removed from the machine for cleaning. The SB1200 is exclusively equipped with the Flavor Station CleanMaster, which is unique for this product segment.

Offer your customers a unique experience

We have once again enlarged our proven and popular display: The interactive 12.1″ touch display is not only easy to use for your customers, but thanks to realistic images it also enhances their drink selection process with speed and ease. Thanks to Franke Digital Services, you can also use the display as a means of communication with your customers: advertise new promotions, drinks or cross-selling opportunities to offer your customers a more engaging experience.

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