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Coffee shop

Growing competition and customer demands mean that standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. Thanks to our expertise and experience within the coffee industry, we understand your situation. It’s why you can trust us to provide reliable coffee solutions – from consistently high in-cup quality, all the way to our customer service. We also configure our solutions based on the specific requirements of your locations.

And, as your partner, we will always be there for you – from the first consultation to the installation – and every day after that.

Why choose Franke?

Outstanding, easy-to-use interface

The intelligent way to prepare coffee

Consistently memorable coffee experiences in every location

An all-round smoother operation

With our iQFlow™ technology, real-time extraction control ensures consistently high in-cup quality.

Our coffee experience helps you deliver consistently high in-cup quality, no matter who prepares a beverage and no matter where in the world a customer is being served.

We deliver the best customer service before, during and after installation of our coffee machines – no matter the challenge.

Do you want to create your next moment together?

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