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Animo provides coffee and tea making equipment for professional use for both national and international markets. The Animo products, the production and supporting processes are constantly renewed and improved to obtain high customer satisfaction. To achieve this Animo offers an optimal price/ performance proportion, short delivery times and a good service.

Worldwide, coffee and tea are the two most consumed drinks. The quality requirements demanded by the consumer, are high. Developing and producing coffee and tea machines at a very high standard, has made Animo a leading manufacturer in this market.


OptiBean Coffee Machine; the ultimate coffee experience
Those who work with the OptiBean will feel like true baristas. Animo’s newest machine represents the ultimate in coffee enjoyment. The coffee beans are ground while you wait.

The espresso system makes coffee of any desired strength. A wide range of coffee specialities is served at the click of a button: espresso, cappuccino, caffè latte, latte macchiato….



Coffee machine for coffee with perfect creamy foam
The OptiVend is a instant coffee machine that makes a delicious cup of fresh coffee at the touch of a button! Depending on model, the OptiVend has between 1 and 4 containers for instant ingredients and a hot water output for tea. The unique mixer unit ensures perfect and creamy foam.

The OptiVend is designed as compactly as possible and produced in stylish stainless steel. The OptiVend is fitted with a design door with a beautiful graphic display. The coffee machine requires minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning can be done very quickly and easily.

The excellent price/quality ratio of the OptiVend makes the coffee machine exceptionally interesting for organisations that demand a great deal in terms of flavour, choice and convenience, but also work with a tight budget.

ComBi-line Bulk Brewers; Professional, Contemporary and Fast
It is good to know that even where large groups of coffee and tea lovers come together, the quality and freshness does not need to be affected. The ComBi-line consists of a combination of one flow heater and one or two containers which can be placed on a table or trolley.

The right combination will enable you to brew the exact amount of coffee or tea that you need!






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