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Design and technology

A coffee grinder for all your life

Micrometric grinding adjustment

The burrs are always working flat. (Ajustment with three springs).

High-quality materials

Aluminium body. Removable stainless steel drip tray.

Unbreakable hopper

Hopper made from special hard-wearing unbreakable plastic. Transparent, with fitted cover.

Ring nut lock

Ring nut lock – coffee bean hopper lock (grinders with burrs Ø 83)

Two tampers

Two tampers: Ø 57 and Ø 53 mm.
Aluminium fork for all kind of filter holder.

Electronic models

Display touch

Clear and comprehensive display which shows plenty of information in the electronic models:

  • The display shows the number of coffee made through the day, week, month or a whole life of grinder doser.
  • Burrs replacement notification.
  • Single and double grinding time adjustment.
  • 12 languages selection: IT/ENG/SP/FR/D/PT/CK/RUS/THAI/GRE/CHIN/MAL.
  • Show percentage humidity, temperature and other options.

Engine cooling

Only in model i·bar30.
Fan with thermostat activated only when the grinder doser overheats.

Removable tube

Removable tube to make cleaning easier.

Adjustable fork

Free hands

Doser models

Aluminium fork

Stars and lever made of aluminium

Stars and lever made of aluminium. Dispenser unit adjustment 5.5 – 10 g.


Auto-stop. Auto refill system with two microswitchs. Every six shots starts to grind. Dispenser always full. Precise doses.

Easy close adjustment

Easy close adjustment.
Analogic coffee counter.

Doser capacity 250 gr


Coffe bean hopper 500 g

Red speed blades.

Telescopic tamper

Right hand dispenser

Adapter for coffee tin


Available in white (RAL9003), grey (RAL9006), black matt (RAL9017) and optionally in your colour.

Technical data

Doser F4 NANO F5 F6
Power 250W 350W 650W
R.p.m 1400 1350 1400
Hopper capacity 0,5kG 1,5Kg 1,5Kg
Burrs Ø58mm Ø64mm Ø83mm
Burrs type Planas Planas Planas
Burrs code FI.213 FI..78 FI..79
Weight 10Kg 14Kg 16Kg
Dimensions h/w/d 473/169/240 615/230/270 670/230/270


Electronic F4E NANO F64E F64EVO
Power 250W 350W 350W
R.p.m 1400 1350 1350
Hopper capacity 0,5Kg 1,5Kg 1,5Kg
Burrs Ø58mm Ø64mm Ø64mm
Burrs type Planas Planas Planas
Burrs code FI.213 FI.177 FI.214
Weight 9Kg 13Kg 13Kg
Dimensions h/w/d 473/169/240 670/230/270 670/230/270
635/255/320 (XGI)


Electronic F83E F71KE F6D
Power 650W 850W 650W
R.p.m 1350 300 1400
Hopper capacity 1,5Kg 1,5Kg 1,5Kg
Burrs Ø83mm Ø71mm Ø83mm
Burrs type Flat Flat Flat
Burrs code FI.211 FI.212 FI..79
Weight 15Kg 20Kg 15Kg
Dimensions h/w/d 670/230/270
635/255/320 (XGI)
670/230/270 670/230/270


Eco Filter F4 ECO F4 FILTER
Power 250W 250W
R.p.m 1400 1350
Hopper capacity 0,5kg 250gr
Burrs Ø58mm Ø64mm
Burrs type Flat Flat
Burrs code FI.213 FI..78
Weight 10Kg 11Kg
Dimensions h/w/d 473/169/240 473/169/240

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