Whether you run a small hotel whose customers expect the highest in-cup quality, or a large chain that wants to maintain the same level of consistency over every location, we have the solutions that will help you overcome your challenges and boost your business.

If that wasn’t enough, our machines can cater to any palette. So, whether your customer wants a black coffee or a flavored double-shot espresso with a thick foam, we’ve got you covered.

Why choose Franke?

Outstanding, easy-to-use interface

The intelligent way to prepare coffee

The perfect foam

An all-round smoother operation

With our iQFlow™ technology, real-time extraction control ensures consistently high in-cup quality.

With our FoamMaster™, your drink options just got a lot wider. Hot or cold foam, a range of different types of milk to choose from? You can have it all.

We deliver the best customer service before, during and after installation of our coffee machines – no matter the challenge.

Do you want to create your next moment together?

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A state-of-the-art coffee machine that always lives up to the task.


The ultimate multitasker – for the highest in-cup quality.