Great coffee in the workplace

With increasing demand for premium coffee at the workplace and greater availability of coffee to go, keeping employees happy and reducing downtime can be a challenge. Thanks to our expertise and experience within the coffee industry, we know how to help.

Whether for a departmental kitchen where space is limited or a large canteen, with our fully automatics your employees can expect high in-cup quality any time they need a break.

And, as your partner, we will always be there for you – from the first consultation to the installation – and every day after that.

Meet the A300 – a small big performer

The new Franke A300 might be small, but its performance is impressive. Ideal for places where space is limited, the A300 delivers fantastic drink variety and consistent in-cup quality all day, every day.

Why choose Franke?

Large selection for every taste

Barista-like foam

Easy-to-use – for everyone

With the right coffee machine for every workplace and a huge range of beverages to suit all tastes, you always rely on Franke for maximum taste with minimum fuss.

Franke’s FoamMaster™ gives employees and guests an unlimited choice of foam consistencies for both hot and cold milk-based beverages.

Large, intuitive touch screens and step-by-step guides make creating a delicious coffee experience fast and easy.

For every room

Easy cleaning

Better for the long run

Keep your employees informed and engaged

Our coffee machines create opportunities for companies to continually interact with employees by reaching out to them with targeted messages. Simply update the touch screen remotely as and when you like using our Franke Digital Signage. With screens reaching 12″ in size, our coffee machines offer a new, personalized – and eye-catching – way to deliver your corporate communications.

Delicious coffee for all tastes and needs

Our fully automatic coffee machines make preparing cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot chocolate and many more wonderfully easy. Our large portfolio of machines means there’s an ideal solution to suit any space and need. With its small footprint, our new Franke A300 is ideal for space-tight departmental kitchens, while the A1000 offers the largest selection of beverages for company canteens. All our fully automatics are intuitive to use and are designed to make cleaning and maintenance easy.

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