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  • Jura – Key Technologies:

    Πως λειτουργεί μια αυτόματη μηχανή καφέ JURA
    Φτιάχνει τον τέλειο speciality coffee με το πάτημα ενός κουμπιού – φρεσκοαλεσμένο καφέ, όχι σε κάψουλα. Όμως τί συμβαίνει όταν δώσετε εντολή στην μηχανή να προετοιμάσει

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  • German Design Award 2020

    Professional X10 wins German Design Award The German Design Award is a prestigious international prize awarded by the German Design Council. Its aim is to discover, present and honour unique design trends.

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  • GIGA 6 wins iF Design Award

    Innovative design features and high-quality finish impress the jury Last autumn, JURA led the way by launching the GIGA 6, a top-of-the-line professional coffee machine for household use. The Swiss premium brand has incorporated the knowledge and expertise it has gained from producing over 5 million automatic coffee machines into this luxury model along with […]

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  • Roger Federer brings a touch of Hollywood to Niederbuchsiten

    Brand ambassador pays a visit to JURA and celebrates two world premieres Niederbuchsiten, 2 October 2020 – In what has become an enjoyable tradition, brand ambassador Roger Federer pays a visit to JURA every autumn. The occasion is a little different each time. Once, it was held on an open day with ten thousand jubilant […]

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