We think coffee is about more than beans and machines

It’s about the moment you create an amazing coffee experience for new or returning customers. Or the moment you can offer consistently high in-cup quality with every cup served. It’s about the moment you need customer service outside working hours, or when your workforce learns to use your equipment quickly and easily. And, it’s about the moment you expand your business to new locations while maintaining that same high in-cup quality.

It’s all about the moment.

Make it wonderful.

Experience the new Franke moment watching the video below

Do you want to create your next moment together?


With iQFlow™ providing real time extraction control, you can define your individual taste profiles and offer your customers the highest standard. In every cup.


From our Swiss-manufactured machines and the consistently high in-cup quality coffee they produce, to the all-round customer service we provide – everything about our solutions is designed with reliability in mind.


It’s not just about having the right coffee machine. It’s also about having the right expertise. That’s why, with our coffee seminars and sensory workshops, we offer our customers and partners the perfect opportunity to take a deep dive into the secrets of the industry. Increasing your understanding of coffee and improving your sales in the process.

The wonderful world of our coffee machines

Fully Automatics

Semi automatics