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Céline Flores Willers

CEO & Gründerin The People Branding Company, LinkedIn Top Voice

"Wir haben eine Kaffeemaschine gesucht, die genauso individuell und professionell arbeitet wie wir. Und genau das haben wir mit der WMF 950 S gefunden."

Customised beverage selection
The WMF 950 S has the right beverage for every taste: If the 21 preset specialties do not include the perfect hot beverage, the user’s own preferences, such as filling quantity or coffee strength, can easily be adjusted or the user’s own creations can be saved in the menu. Thus, the beverage selection is just as individual as the employees in the office.
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Michael Schetter

Geschäftsführer In Shape Fitness, Esslingen

"Von der Reinigung über die Bedienung bis hin zur Langlebigkeit: Mit der WMF 950 S haben wir für uns das passende Modell gefunden."

Almut Böker

Geschäftsführerin Chaletdorf Büchelbergerei, Gunzenhausen

"Mit der WMF 950 S haben wir eine Kaffeemaschine gefunden, die sich perfekt in unser Ambiente integriert."

Alles rund um die Bedienung und Pflege der neuen WMF 950 S

Inbetriebnahme & Installation

Unsere WMF Vollautomaten leisten jeden Tag großartige Arbeit. Damit Sie unser Qualitätsversprechen in vollen Zügen genießen können, gibt es einige Dinge, die bei der Inbetriebnahme beachtet werden sollten. Mit diesen einfachen Schritten wird Ihre neue WMF 950 S im Handumdrehen zum zuverlässigen Teammitglied und serviceorientierten Kundenbetreuer.

Die WMF 950 S richtig auspacken

Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für eine WMF 950 S entschieden haben. So packen Sie Ihre Maschine richtig aus der Versandkartonage, ohne sie zu beschädigen.

Die WMF 950 S in Betrieb nehmen

Vom richtigen Aufbau bis hin zum ersten Espresso: So nehmen Sie die Maschine zum ersten Mal in Betrieb.

Wasserfilter korrekt einsetzen

Ab einer Karbonathärte von 5° dKH empfehlen wir den Einsatz eines Wasserfilters, um eine optimale Kaffeequalität zu erzielen. Dieser wird in den Wassertank eingesetzt und anschließend über das Display eingestellt. Ein Wasserfilter wird gratis mitgeliefert.


Replace water tank with fixed water connection

The WMF 950 S can be supplied both with the built-in water tank and a fixed water connection. Before installation, please ensure that the thread and size of the fittings match.


The WMF 950 S is not only reliable in its performance, but also easy to operate. Both customers and team members can thus prepare professional coffee specialities independently. The large display guides easily through the process and offers numerous options for variation.

Select & prepare coffee specialities

Simply place the cup or glass on the drip tray, adjust the spout and select your favourite coffee drink on the display. The machine does the rest.

With one swipe through the menu

The large touch display of the WMF 950 S is very easy to operate. In addition, the filling quantity, coffee strength and your own coffee variations can be saved via the touch screen.

Set the correct amount of ground coffee

For excellent results, you need the perfect amount of ground coffee. That is why we recommend a portioner calibration when using the machine for the first time, after changing the type of bean or at least once a year, which will allow you to determine the optimum amount of ground coffee for your coffee creations.

Cleaning, descaling & care

In order to be able to provide reliable service and excellent coffee in the long term, the correct cleaning and care of the WMF 950 S is essential. So that everyone in the team can contribute to this, cleaning is designed to be as uncomplicated as possible and all steps are communicated clearly via the display.

Effortless evening routine

The WMF 950 S should be cleaned every day at the end of operation. When switching off, the machine automatically reminds you to connect the milk hose to the hot water spout. Pressing the switch-off button starts the process automatically.


Weekly or after 250 cups

The machine indicates the need for system cleaning in advance via the display so you can schedule it flexibly. The WMF cleaning tablets are required for cleaning. In addition, we recommend that you clean the combination spout and the water tank thoroughly at least once a week.


Rinsing, removal and cleaning

If used frequently, the milk system of the WMF 950 S should be rinsed and the individual parts should be soaked in cleaning fluid regularly. You will need the WMF special cleaner for milk foamers that is included in the delivery.


Removal and cleaning

Cleaning is done as necessary with a damp cloth. Thanks to the automatic lock when removing the bean hopper, leftover beans are not spilled but can be stored.


Prevent scale formation

To prevent damage caused by scale deposits and to always achieve a perfect coffee aroma, the WMF 950 S should be descaled via the display when instructed to do so. The Click+Clean adapter and the WMF liquid descaling agent are required. Caution: During descaling, the machine rinses the spout several times with very hot water.

Any questions? Feel free to explore our FAQ on the WMF 950 S

We have summarised the most common questions about the WMF 950 S in our FAQ. If you have additional questions, send us an inquiry, and we will be happy to help you personally.“

With a capacity of around 50 cups per day, the WMF 950 S is our smallest fully automatic coffee machine for the professional sector. The easy operation and excellent coffee quality are therefore ideal for small offices, start-ups and coworking spaces or small businesses such as fitness studios or hair salons.

For more than 50 cups a day, we recommend one of our fully automatic coffee machines with a higher daily output. You can find an overview of our professional machines here.

In this case, you can contact us via our inquiry and share all the necessary information with us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

In this case, you can contact us via our inquiry and share all the necessary information with us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

In addition to the machine, you will receive everything you need for use with the delivery: milk hose, steam lance, WMF cleaning agent, matching cleaning brushes and fixed water connection set.

When purchasing the machine, you will receive everything you need for daily usage. You can order further accessories or spare parts either by telephone at +49 7331 257 257 

You can find an overview of the available accessories here.

With its slim dimensions of 303 x 528 x 562 mm (W/D/H) including the bean hopper, the fully automatic coffee machine also fits into small spaces.

The WMF 950 S only requires a power connection for start-up.
The water supply is provided either via the water tank or optionally via a fixed connection.

Preset for single beverage dispensing: ristretto, espresso, espresso macchiato, americano, café crème, milk, hot water, cappuccino, latte macchiato, latte, milk foam.
Preset for dual beverage dispensing: ristretto, espresso, café crème, cappuccino, latte, espresso macchiato
For pots: pot café crème, pot americano, hot water L

Yes, the WMF 950 S can also be operated with milk alternatives. We recommend using the “barista” versions because of their better foaming properties.

For an ideal coffee experience, we recommend that you carry out a portioner calibration before using the machine for the first time, after changing the type of bean or at least once a year in order to be able to determine the optimum amount of ground coffee for your coffee creations.

The daily rinse is started automatically after pressing the switch-off button. A more thorough cleaning is recommended after 250 brewings or once a week. The machine reliably reminds you of all the necessary maintenance steps and the patented Click+Clean solution makes cleaning the WMF 950 S very easy. You can find a more detailed description of the recommended cleaning in our video tutorials under cleaning, descaling & care.

With the delivery of the machine, you receive a complete cleaning kit. You can order new cleaning agent either by telephone at +30 210 4173 201 

The WMF 950 S reliably reminds you to descale regularly. You can start the process under menu > maintenance > descaling and will be guided conveniently through the process on the display.

This can happen if the drip tray was removed although the brew unit was not in the standard position. First check whether the brew unit is in the standard position. If not, remove the grounds container. By inserting the drip tray, the brew unit can now move back to the standard position. If you now remove the drip tray again and reinsert the grounds container, the drip tray should also reinsert effortlessly.

Switch off and unplug the machine. Remove the bean hopper and remove the remaining coffee beans from the grinder. You can then adjust the grind setting to a coarser grind and put the bean hopper back on.
After plugging the machine back in, prepare a test drink and reset the grinder to the desired setting after successfully removing the blockage.
If this does not solve the problem, please contact our WMF Service. We will be happy to help you.

If your WMF 950 S does not work properly, please follow the operating instructions carefully. Please also check the power supply through the socket.

Insert the USB stick into the slot on the right side of the control panel and select “Firmware Update” and the HMI file on the display. Important: Do not switch off the machine while installing the update. After successful installation, the machine restarts and you can remove the USB stick.

Please make sure that your USB stick is formatted for the FAT32 file system and does not contain any other files.
If this does not solve the problem, please use another USB stick.


Product highlights and technical data

Performance, measurements or technical details: all information about the WMF 950 S at a glance.

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