Melitta 170


The robust Melitta 170 filter coffee machine with compact stainless steel housing is all about the essentials: simply excellent coffee. Available with 1.8 litre glass or insulated jugs.
Recommended daily output: 125 cups.

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Enjoy top quality, pure coffee

The Melitta 170 with its compact design, fits in anywhere – easy to use, whatever the requirements. Water is conveniently filled from the front of the device so no water connections are required.

The key benefits
Reasons you will love the Melitta 170:

Fits any available space

Required space? Low. Water connection? Not necessary. Manual filling and compact design mean the Melitta® 170 fits in anywhere. Serve fresh filter coffee in a glass or insulated jug.

Unbelievably easy to use

Delicious coffee every time! The Melitta® 170 is extremely easy to use – with illuminated switches to control operation and descaling indicator for minimum maintenance costs. Pre-portioned packs of coffee are also available.

Ready – when is has to be quick

Filter coffee is still a massive favourite. It is therefore no surprise that sometimes, more than one guest would like to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee. No problem for the Melitta® 170, brewing up to 21 coffees in just a few minutes.

The strengths of the Melitta 170

Robust. Made to last. Tried and tested.

Robust stainless steel housing

The functional, modern design of the robust stainless steel housing is not its only appeal, it is also scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

A fresh brew in reserve

Keeping a brew warm is easy with the Melitta® 170: the practical insulated jug or two separate switchable warming plates ensure freshly made coffee can be kept at 80 to 85 °C.

Clear descaling indicator

The illuminated indicator tells you when to descale your machine. This increases the service life and reliability of the Melitta® 170 and reduces maintenance costs.

No water connection required

Most professional filter coffee machines need a water connection. Not the Melitta® 170. This makes it extremely versatile as it can be used anywhere.

The Melitta 170 series

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