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Special beverage heater

Heating drinks requires a professional approach. With incorrect care unwanted foam can occur, fats may float to the surface and solids could easily stick to the surface of the container. Animo has developed a number of beverage heaters for professional use.

Squire beverage heater

The MW beverage heater is suitable for heating (chocolate) milk and other beverages like for instance wine. The thermostat is adjustable to any desired temperature. The flow rate is 5 litres per 1.5 minutes. The MW beverage heater is available in three sizes: 5, 10 and 30 litres.

Au-bain-marie heating system

The MW beverage heaters use the bain-marie principle. This works as follows: in the double wall of the container the water is heated evenly around the milk. The milk absorbs the heat from the water casing and heats up without risk.

In summary

Available in 20 ltr.
Au-bain-marie heating system
Ideal for milk, glühwein and other beverages
Gauge glass with no-drip tap
Thermostatic temperature control
Easy to clean
Boil-dry safety guard
Stainless steel 18/9



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