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La Pavoni - Probar PBRPID - Μηχανές Espresso

Κατασκευαστής : La Pavoni
Τιμή πώλησης (Συμπεριλαμβανομένου Φπα):
1324,00 €
ή από 80.84 € ANA MHNA


Probar model is equipped with two separate independent power units: one useful for coffee and hot water and the other for steam.
Probar PID model is equipped with PID, a program used to set the coffee temperature. The user can adjust the temperature of coffee in a range from 80 C° to 100 C°.
The Power unit is composed from the boiler and the vibrating pump The 2 Power units allow the user to set the tempertaure of coffee and of steam independently. The 2 Power units can operate at the same time. The coffee unit is conceived to brew espresso continuosly and to produce hot water. The steam unit is provided with interchangeable steam tap with cappuccino automatic and allows the continuous steam brewing.

Stainless Steel shiny body with removable water tank, 2,7 liter capacity (approx. 75 cups of espresso) *
Cups warmer lid in stainless steel *
Brass Coffee Boiler 250ml with heating element 1200W *
Steam Boiler in stainless steel 400ml for immediate steam with heating element 1200W *
Water tank level control and automatic heating element stoppage for water lack. *
Anti-vacuum valve steam boiler. *
Steam tap with interchangeable with turbo steam device/Cappuccino Automatic *
Visible water level *
Pid system *
Cappuccino Automatic *
Hot water supply - Steam supply *
Brewing of 1 or 2 cups of coffee at the same time *
Control spies *
Lever control switches *
Main cable with plug to connector *
Pump pressure gauge *
Pump pressure coffee boiler 15 bar
Pump pressure steam boiler 15 bar
Anti - drip electrovalve *
Group and filterholder in brass *
Filterholder with 1 cup filter/pods and 2 cups *
Fascino filter holder *
Raised grill *
Width, Depth, Height 300x290x395 mm
Weight 14,7 kg
Voltage 230/240V 50 HZ



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