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Quality, innovation and sustainability are just as much part of JURA as a pronounced awareness of environmental issues. JURA designs machines to give you many years of pleasure providing they are maintained properly. This philosophy is a deliberate reaction against the throw-away mentality. Coffee machines stand for the perfect coffee result from fresh beans. They offer a free choice of coffee and avoid unnecessary packaging waste.

zero energy switch

Zero-Energy Switch

The Zero-Energy Switch reduces standby energy to less than 0.1 W. JURA is therefore already complying with the strict statutory values which will come into force in 2013 (maximum permitted: 0.5 W): in fact the company goes five times further than that.

energy save mode

Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©)

JURA has for years pursued a consistent policy of developing energy-saving technologies. For example the first IMPRESSA back in 1994 was equipped with an automatic switch-off feature. Today the unique Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©) can be used to adjust JURA machines to suit the way you like to enjoy your beverages. It offers an energy-saving potential of up to 40 percent. When E.S.M.© is activated, speciality coffees are prepared after a short heating-up period.



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