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The perfect coffee machine for the office and conference rooms

Treat your staff to a moment of pure enjoyment now and then while they work – with a delicious specialty coffee from our versatile, no fuss capsule coffee machine C250FM. You will see that this gesture of appreciation motivates your staff and ensures a wonderful working atmosphere.


The height of enjoyment

Delight both your employees and guests with the aroma of perfectly brewed coffee. Our capsule machines let you create barista-quality coffee, tea and mixed milk drinks in a wide array of flavors at the push of a button. Choosing the right coffee machine for the right place is crucial to the success of your business.  

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                                                                                 FRANKE CaseStudy C250FM capsule WEF Hotel Steigenberger.1455196316408


The success story of the Steigenberger Belvédère in Davos

The Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvédère in Davos entertains its prominent guests at the World Economic Summit with the new C250FM automatic coffee machine from Franke. Around 60 office rooms in the five-star luxury hotel feature the new capsule coffee machine for the annual meeting.


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The wonderful world of Franke coffee machines
Enjoyment at the push of a button: the fully automatic coffee machine
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Never has sublime coffee enjoyment been so easy: with a Franke fully automatic coffee machine, you can enjoy the very best from fresh beans, at the push of a button. Espresso, latte macchiato or cappuccino – cup after cup and entirely as you like it. This time-saving, perfect preparation is a winner in self-service and food-service operations.


Simply convenient: the Franke capsule coffee machine    
FRANKE Coffee System Icon Capsule System 2000x1500px.1456753154714

Franke capsule coffee machine is a quick, no fuss way to make the perfect cup of coffee.Whether it's a cappuccino in the morning or espresso after lunch:our wonderful selection of coffee varieties offers,fresh coffee enjoyment and consistently high quality.


Ready for action, any time, any place: the Franke coffee brewer
FRANKE coffee system Icon brewer filter coffee 2000x1500px.1456753222821

We developed our high-performance drip coffee makers for frequent use in a professional environment. Thanks to its durable design in stainless steel, the coffee brewer is very hard-wearing – whether it's in the breakfast segment,self-service, or company restaurants


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