La Pavoni - Domus Bar DEDPID - Μηχανές Espresso

La Pavoni - Domus Bar TermoPid DMBPID - Μηχανές Espresso

Κατασκευαστής : La Pavoni
Τιμή πώλησης (Συμπεριλαμβανομένου Φπα):
954,00 €

ή από 58.25 € ANA MHNA

Espresso machine compactly built with stainless steel body. Water pressure gauge. Built in grinder with seven adjustable position. Wide cup warmer. Domus Bar: the semi professional choice for an espresso and cappuccino.
Equipped with PID, a program used to set the coffee temperature. The user can adjust the temperature of the coffee in a range from 80c° to 100c°
Lever switch unbreakable with symbols and leds for every function of the machine.
Instant delivery of the grind per each dose in order to always have the freshness and fragrance of the coffee.
The water tank, can be removed from the machine for cleaning operation, can be filled from the top.
The machine is equipped with an active cup warmer plate to keep the cups always warm.
Professional chromed brass filter holder with a single basket (8 g) and double (16 g). Grind coffee tamper built in.
The professional brass boiler comes with three different thermostat for hot water, steam and safety. A solenoid valve prevents the leaking from the group.
The adjustable grinder as seven position allowing you to obtain the perfect grind. The low speed of the conical burrs preevent burning the coffee beans.
The special Turbo Cappuccino, thanks to the turbine effect, enables warm and frothy milk, as well as tea and some other hot drinks to be obtained easily.

Stainless Steel shiny body with removable water tank, 2,7 liter capacity (approx. 75 cups of espresso) *
Cups warmer lid in stainless steel *
Coffee grinder with adjustable grinding: coffee bean hopper capacity 150gr. *
Brass boiler with 1000 W heating element, coffee thermostat, steam thermostat, safety valve, pump overheat protection *
Steam tap with interchangeable with turbo steam device / Cappuccino Automatic *
Visible water level *
PID system *
Brewing of 1 or 2 cups of coffee at the same time *
Hot water supply / Steam supply *
Control spies *
Lever control switches *
Main cable with plug to connector *
Pump pressure gauge *
Chrome-plated brass filter-holder *
Automatic anti-drip valve *
Group and filterholder in brass *
Filterholder with 1 cup filter/pods and 2 cups *
Maximum pump pressure 15 bar
Power watt 1200 W
Average preheating time, including cup warmer 4 min.
Width, Depth, Height 310x260x375 mm
Weight 10,4 kg
Length of power cable 1600 mm
Voltage 230/240 V 50 HZ
Coffee filters 1 cup (8 g), 2 cups (16 g), coffee measure spoon




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