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standards design

Outstanding design

The JURA designers have developed an unmistakable language of form that emanates elegance, intelligence, seriousness, expertise, calm and strength.

multi award winning design

Multi-award-winning design

We regard a design as successful if it still looks fresh and unused even after years have passed. For us, winning internationally renowned design prizes like Red dot Design Award, iF Product Design Award, GOOD Design Award, Design Plus Award or Plus X Award confirms that we are creating products that are highly pleasing to the eye and encourages us to continue doing so.

cool nordic design

Clear, clean design

Swiss architecture and design have an outstanding reputation the world over. Our simple ‘Cool Nordic Design’ combines harmonious lines with clear surfaces. The symmetric shape immediately reflects the functionality. The overall impression is rounded off by great attention to detail and high-quality materials with a unique feel.

coffee machine design feature

The coffee machine as a design feature

In an increasing number of households, the kitchen is changing from a room for working to a room for communicating. It is the place to meet family and guests. Accordingly, we also regard automatic speciality coffee machines as interior design items with which you can express your good taste.


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